Hi there,

      I'm Ronja!

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Your Bliss-Life Coach!

As any good coach will tell you, I have gone through hard times myself.

Mine is not a "From Rags to Riches" story. My story is about resilience,

about mastering life with the tools I have learned over the years. It is about

being happy in the moments that are unhappy on the surface. It is about 

knowing & feeling the core contentedness that outshines every other 

emotion, such as fear, anger, or sadness. It is staying centered in

my Divine core self. 

Mastery is not being happy and successful all the time; 

mastery is knowing your tools and when to apply them.

Dr. Ronja Vieth

My academic background and long teaching career now enable me

to utilize my Healer Training in a unique way to coach women

 stuck in their past or pain to create a state

of bliss they can tap into. By shedding the barnacles of unsavory experiences

that have shaped and shackled us, you too can begin to shine again like a pearl.

Once the barnacles are shed and your Divine core value revitalized and recognized,

it will become easier and easier to tap into that abundant resource - 

this is a state of trust and bliss.

I know YOU are as beautiful as a PEARL and I already see you shine;

 let me help you

~ Come out of Your Shell! ~

In every session of Blissful Blueprint Program © ,

Akashic Field Therapy  ™,

Somatic Meditation ©,

or in any class, workshop, or program you will learn invaluable tools

to master

not being perfect and loving life anyway!

From Soul Cleanse - 21 Days to Forgiveness © to 

S.E.A., the Self-Love and Empowerment Activation ©

or my class Master Meditation in 7 Simple Steps ©,


everything I offer is carefully designed to provide you with

the understanding  AND application of important tools you need

to regain  and stay in your Divine core center.

Several times a year, my Signature Coaching Course,

the  3 month Blissful Life Blueprint ©, opens for which every

Blissful Belle has to qualify with a personal conversation with me.

Once you know your tools and have lovingly excavated a path

to your heart, the World Is Your Oyster!

And once you know how to tackle those barnacles from the center

 of your DIVINE self, all you can do is SHINE!

Book a quick call with me to see how I can help you shine!

What My Clients Say:

"The Blissful Blueprint session was unexpectedly brilliant!

I didn't realize how much energy we take on of other people as our own.


While I wasn't unhappy, I definitely felt lighter and happier afterward; more focused, determined, and less anxious."

Rachel, UK

"...feeling relaxed and refocused. Ronja helped me to clear my mind and gave me advice on how to channel my thoughts in order to remain positive.


I have also applied the breathing techniques that Ronja taught me and [they have] really helped maintain my focus. Highly recommended!"

Emily, UK

"The AFT session opened my eyes to what I was experiencing in this lifetime and how it connected to previous lifetimes. Very deep and helpful to understanding me at this time. Thanks, Ronja. I highly recommend her services to help you move forward on your spiritual path."

Bianca, USA

"At the beginning of this Blissful Blueprint session with self-confidence & self worth at a low 3 and heaviness in my heart, I am now at a 10, feeling light, less burdened, and fluttery like a butterfly."