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(adjective)  bliss·ful  \ ˈblis-fəl \

A Definition of "blissful"

Full of, marked by, or causing complete happiness 

Example: a blissful marriage 

  • blissfully  play \-fə-lē\ (adverb) 

  • blissfulness (noun)


(noun)  \ ˈbel \

A Definition of "belle"

A popular and attractive girl or woman; especially : a girl or woman whose charm and beauty make her a favorite 

Example: the belle of the ball

A Blissful Belle is a woman who seeks empowerment. She is a woman who has experienced the sadness, grief, and turmoil of love and life, but is ready to move on from this emotional trauma. She is a lady who wants love without compromise because she knows she deserves it. She knows that once she has shed her layers of crusty barnacles, she can shine like the pearl she already is but simply forgot about.

The Blissful Belles are a community of women who learned the 5 steps From The Blues To Bliss Masterclass and apply them to their everyday lives. They courageously move on from the pain of their past. They leave their personal Groundhog Day of getting into the same relationships and reliving the same scenarios over and over again, because they have found and remedied the cause for that. They feel that only soulful empowerment will grant them the love and life they seek and the loving and rewarding relationship they seek and deserve.

  • If you are tired of experiencing the fears that keep you from endeavoring a relationship, just to overcome them and find they were all warranted after all;

  • If you are tired of hearing from friends and family to finally move on;

  • If you can't figure out why therapy or your library of self-help books are not helping you move forward, then I invite you to watch my masterclass.


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What's a Blissful Belle?