The world is your oyster -




and you're the pearl !

Step up and out of your shell...

Sometimes, however, our lives are all encased in the barnacles and crud of our past, preventing us from truly shining like a pearl. is a coaching service intent on helping you shed the layers of your past so that you may confidently stride into your future sparkle!

Coaching is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our lives, as we strive for more than the satisfaction of basic needs and the short-lived pinnacles of worldly success. Humanity is being called to awaken to its divine nature and remember that everything is ONE.

Personal crises, such as illness, divorce, or loss of work, are nothing but rude awakenings to our true potential; you are being asked to remember your divinity by shedding the layers of bad memories, trauma, and pain that keep you imprisoned like the mollusc's mantle keeps its pearl in a perpetually tight grip.

Although you may already know that and practice meditation, yoga, or other things to support yourself on your journey, you may still struggle with the challenges of dealing with all these changes life asks of you. This is where I step in. My modalities of healing help you, for instance:

  • cope with grief about divorce, loss, illness

  • recover from trauma

  • encourage personal boundaries

  • allow you be more confident and decisive

  • help you reconnect and center

  • set clear goals

  • get unstuck, and much more!


My modalities are varied and range from guided meditation, to working on the Akashic Records, Laser Reiki aka Peak Performance Program, and Intuitive Coaching. Your complementary discovery session lets you find out which one will serve you best at this time. I further offer workshops on Forgiveness and Coaching via Writing.

Free yourself and enjoy the world! Find out how you can find your shine by breaking through the crust and creating your world as a delicacy to enjoy! Contact me today and turn your life into the best version possible.