Somatic Meditation


hara = purifying power

This meditation works with the psoas (pronounced: so-as) muscle, the muscle of the soul. From yoga practitioners to medical doctors, more and more people realize the importance of this muscle in relation to our overall well-being. It turns out that this core muscle, holding our lower and upper bodies together, is responsible for all of our physical stress storage. And by a simple practice, you can let it all go. But you do not have to be bendy to practice yoga and experience this phenomenon. The ability to simply shake off stress is innate and natural to all of us, and you can learn it, too!

The reason that zebras do  not get ulcers is that after every stressful situation, such as being chased by a predator, they finish the stress response of the "fight or flight" reaction by shaking vigorously until they have reached their hormonal balance once again. They, in fact, utilize the psoas muscle to release any remaining stress hormones that otherwise, as game keepers well know, would kill them after a traumatic experience.

Humans, however, do get ulcers, because in addition to suffering from chronic as well as acute stressors in everyday life, such as a heavy work load and sudden unexpected blows, we have forgotten how to shake off our stress with this innate and totally natural response. Societal factors further help to suppress this natural release technique that would allow us to release our stress hormones, too.

The Background
The Biology

We, as humans, are simply not allowed to finalize the natural cycle of a stress response: we do not shout at our boss, nor do we run away or fist-fight under normal circumstances. Unless, that is, our bucket gets too full. Psychologists Alison Brabban and Douglas Turkington illustrate in their Stress Vulnerability Model (2002) that when things become too much we snap.

Our natural response to stress is a release of hormones that allow our bodies to either flee from or fight the danger, but an incomplete cycle leaves us with biological and mental triggers that reactivate the same response every time our system perceives a threat. Threat and trauma, by the way, are very personal experiences and perceptions based not only on past experiences, but also on other energetic patterns located in our energy systems (aura & chakras) and energetic book of life, the Akashic Records.

At the physiological level, it is the psoas-muscle where the stress hormones produced in a fight or flight response get stored. And it has enormous consequences on various levels:

The Psoas - Our Soul-Muscle

The psoas muscle does not only give our body's core strength, it is the physical core of our well-being. Since it also connects to the solar plexus and our body's largest nerve complex, the vagus nerve, a well-balanced psoas is essential for social interaction and mental well-being.


A bucket full of unreleased stress, sadness, and trauma causes:

  • Physical Tension & Ailments

The psoas is connected to other muscles, bones, and organs which are affected by the flexibility and health of the psoas muscle.

  • Emotional Vulnerability

The psoas is connected to the vagus nerve, which controls our ability for social interaction - our facial expressions show how safe we feel in this world and that depends on our vulnerability to stress.

  • Mental Imbalance

Both our physical and emotional states determine how we perceive the world - as either benevolent or threatening.

The Method

As an internationally trained energy healer, I work with you on three levels to teach you how to remember your innate ability to shake off stress, how to feel safe doing it, and how to continue this practice of resilience for the rest of your life. I therefore use meditation and basic energy healing to ensure that this a practical, yet safe practice for everybody to learn and do for and by themselves for the rest of their lives:

  • Ground

With a unique grounding technique that makes you feel safe and secure before, during, and after this meditation knowing the energies you released are safely led into the ground and gone for good!

  • Release

Learn how to turn on the release button and shake off stress at will by activating tremors in your psoas muscle. Advanced meditators can do this in nearly any position at any time!

  • Replenish

Immediately fill in the energetic void with healing energies by tapping into the universe by using a simple, yet powerful energy healing technique that serves you in all other aspects of your life as well!

We will meet three times in three weeks for 90 minutes each time so that you receive enough theoretical background, practice the techniques, and become familiar with guiding the process on your own. There is plenty of time to ask questions.

Somatic Meditation

"A pleasurable and life-changing experience."

Emily Hughes |  Folkestone, UK