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Blissful Life Blueprint © Signature Course

To determine eligibility for this 3-month program, please book a call with me

This intensive, 3-month coaching includes everything to move you from experiencing your personal groundhog day to a life of bliss. Start with a Scrumptious Sunrise Ritual, do daily exercises, and really bust those blocks with weekly, personal healing session from me. I will hold you accountable to your bliss!

Blissful Blueprint Program©

Your Divine Blueprint + You = Healing from the Inside out

No matter where you are stuck, this Laser-Reiki busts the blocks gently, yet intensely for lasting results by implanting your perfect version blueprint -  namely your highest self. Targeting a combination of physical as well as energetic features, this is the most focused modality to transform negative into positive energy patterns. If you have trouble with boundaries, for instance, I will work on your skin, which filters what affects you and what does not. Receive your greatest self and watch yourself bloom!

Akashic Field Therapy™ (AFT)

Psychology + Energy Work = Aweome You

In this combination of Western science and ancient Vibrational Medicine, I also use Behavioral and Integral Psychology to identify and remove subconscious negative patterns at the mental, spiritual, and physical levels. I access your Akashic Recods -  your personal book of life - and request healing throughout all temporal and spatial realms. One session can restructure one life program or three. This is one of the easiest modalities to start changing your life!

And it's Quantum Healing at its best...

Signature Coaching

I see things that you don't...

Whether you prefer to consult by telephone or via SKYPE,  I provide intense insight into the reasons of blocks created in past or present circumstances in order to help you release them. Using my psychic healing abilities, I see the blocks and will  gently guide you through a process that facilitates healing, so that you may grow into your shining, divine self!

Somatic Meditation ©

Release, Ground, and Replenish the Energies of the Past

Somatic Meditation© helps you remember what you already know: how to shake old stress energy off like a dog! A natural, yet forgotten, innate ability, the controlled tremors of the psoas muscle rid you of unresolved fight/flight response energy that has accumulated through your lifetime.

Learn how to release and ground these energies before replenishing with healing ones in a safe way. Practice this on your own for life-long resilience to stress!

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What some shining PEARLS now say:

So Empowered And Determined

". . . just incredible, I was so relaxed and absolutely fascinated by it all. Ronja's knowledge and deep connection blew me away. I'm in awe of the things Ronja was able to pick up on.

The level of my 'issue' went down from a 7 to a 2!"

Maria Saada  -  Life & Mindset Coach | Folkestone, UK

"The Blissful Blueprint session was unexpectedly brilliant!

I didn't realize how much energy we take on of other people as our own.


While I wasn't unhappy, I definitely felt lighter and happier afterward; more focused, determined, and less anxious."

Katy, UK

" The careful orchestration and professionalism she showed quashed any tendency to offload the superfluous baggage that prevents us being from our true selves."

M., UK

"Dr. Ronja and her courses are full of wisdom."

Vern, USA

"Dr. Vieth is very under-standing and insightful.

She helped me refocus on having peace within myself to be myself and practice seeing my self-worth and value.


In one word:  empowering."