Here you find all the week-long online programs that I offer. 
The starting dates differ and are listed on their appropriate information pages and the list of events.
Participant numbers differ from program to program.

From Failure to Flourish

21 Days Forgiving Failure

The Plan...

  • Is to engage the three levels of body, mind, and soul for 21 days of practicing forgiveness. It takes 21 days to rewire the emotion and thought patterns of the brain and for new synapses to develop.

  • Is to help the body let go of the feelings associated with failure by using a simple tapping technique.

  • Is to mentally work through the emotions by writing about the different aspects of what to forgive, so that the mental and emotional components can be resolved together.

  • Is to let go of the things we struggle to mentally and / or emotionally cannot surrender by using a universal & non-denominational prayer of forgiveness to help us detach.

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12+1 Week Stay Lucid Program

Continue the Peak Performance You Started at Lucidity!

After having readjusted into the grit of our lives after an awesome festival experience, many have probably nearly forgotten how good you felt after your session at the Healing Sanctuary at Lucidity, right? Or have you yet to experience the lightness after a Peak Performance Program session because you did not make it?


Can you feel it? Do you feel the buzz? The elation? The jump from a low number to a higher one by as much as six digits? Or even just a little jump that made such a difference at the time?


Yes, this is what healing feels like - jumping up the scale bit by bit, finding comfort at the new level and gaining strength for the next step towards wholeness and Peak Performance.

Limited to 6 lucid participants only! Click the button to learn more!

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