12 + 1 Week Stay Lucid Program
 ~ limited to 6 participants ~
sorry, please stay tuned for the next one!

Hello, Dear Ones!


After having readjusted into the grit of our lives after an awesome festival experience, many have probably nearly forgotten how good you felt after your session at the Healing Sanctuary at Lucidity, right? Or have you yet to experience the lightness after a Peak Performance Program session because you did not make it?


Either way, I invite you to take a deep breath into the lower part of your tummy and center;

now imagine the vibration of healing you experienced after getting just a taste of the Peak Performance Program. Or, I invite you to feel into one of those good, really good moments in life that you just cannot seem to get back to on your own...


Can you feel it? Do you feel the buzz? The elation? The jump from a low number to a higher one by as much as six digits? Or even just a little jump that made such a difference at the time?


Yes, this is what healing feels like - jumping up the scale bit by bit, finding comfort at the new level and gaining strength for the next step towards wholeness and Peak Performance.


As you remember, the Peak Performance Program consists of three parts:


- it cleanses and heals your chakra & energy system

- it cleanses and heals your physical systems in combination with the chakras AND

- it inserts the blueprint of your Highest Self into your being so that you continue to resonate with the whole / healthy / perfect spiritual self of yours long after the session has concluded, providing a more integrated healing experience.


Now you can experience not only the full Peak Performance Program of all 12 programs, but can see yourself move to a vibration from which to move into a life of peak performance & lucidity by doing all of them in one package!


Remember how you can focus on a variety of issues: 


  • vitality

  • clarity

  • distraction

  • overwhelm


  • self-confidence

  • embodiment & energy

  • better performance

  • fear of failure


  • fear of success (yes, there is such a thing!)

  • perseverance

  • fear of rejection

  • prioritization ?


Plus you could work on strength, boundaries, power, stability, flow of life, decision making, independence, memory clearing, integrity, receptivity, and creativity.


Or you don't know where to start, and I suggest a program for you and it helps? Doing all of these programs will eventually deal with any issue you may feel stuck in at the moment, because they are all interrelated in some way or another anyway. So why not do the whole PPProgram?


Here is the deal: although it is 12 programs, I present you the 12+1 Week Stay Lucid Package consisting of 12 weeks of one program each week with a bonus week that combines all of the above in one session!


So how does it work?


The program is limited to 6 people, which makes the PPProgram extremely powerful and gives YOU a chance to act consciously and fast on this offer. The group dynamic will enhance your experience exponentially, though you do have the option to upgrade to a 12+1 Week Stay Lucid VIP Package, if you would like personal sessions to help you grow more quickly. (However, more than that is not recommended, because your system needs time to integrate the energy changes & adjust.)


Once you have emailed me, we will talk on the phone or Skype (I will call you) to decide if the 12+1 Week Stay Lucid Package is right for you.


The 12 + 1 Week Stay Lucid Program starts on May 2, 2017 with a 2-hour Welcome Call. Thereafter, the session calls will be 90 minutes each. The time of the conference call will be at 2 p.m. GMT (London Time). Individual Sessions may be scheduled at your convenience.


If it is right for you, you receive:


  • 1 spot in an exclusive group of only 6

  • one group Peak Performance Program session / week via conference call for 12 weeks

  • 1 week bonus session of the whole PPProgram in one session in week 13

  • online track record of the changes you make

  • opportunity to upgrade to a VIP package that includes 1 additional personal PPP session / week


Every session consists of:


a chakra cleanse & alignment


an aura cleanse & protection


grounding & centering


one Peak Performance Program


insertion of your Highest Self blueprint into your body anchors for continuous resonance & maximum healing



The bonus session consists of:


a chakra cleanse & alignment


an aura cleanse & protection


grounding & centering


the WHOLE Peak Performance Program consisting of 12 different ones


insertion of your Highest Self blueprint into your body anchors for continuous resonance & maximum healing




The online resources consist of:


scale & matrix to monitor your progress


private, online community within which to share


list of symptoms & alleviation of possible Healing Crisis


a recording of any missed call to tune into the energy later



The energy exchange for this unique opportunity is:

(payment plans available - please email me for details)



Stay Lucid Package  $ 1111.00

(reg. price $1295.00)


Stay Lucid VIP Package   $ 1555.00

- includes weekly personal PPP sessions with me -  

(reg. price $2790.00 - best deal, yet!)



Are you ready to Stay Lucid?  Email me to arrange for a conversation to find out, if this program is right for you!



Shining the Light,