Monday Meditation & Spiritual Wellness

Folkestone, Kent

Master Serenity & Experience Your Divine

Every Monday evening for members of the Meet-UP group Four Town Renegades to be booked via their link. If you would like to just give it a try without becoming an official member, please book through here and attend as my guest. You will receive the location upon booking.

Enjoy being guided to serenity & bliss. Relax to regain strength in the middle of your hectic week.

Book online and prepare to BLISS OUT!

Investment is only 5 GBP. Enjoy a channeled mediation after sharing briefly what concerns you that day before receiving basic instructions to master meditation by yourself. By reading the energy of the group and letting the Divine speak through me, I guide you a little closer towards wholeness.

I look forward to meeting you! Please contact me at EnglobeMe@gmail.com with any questions!

Meditation by Donation

Personalized for You

Master Serenity & Experience Your Divine - at your time!

No matter if you are a novice or a pro - I can help you sink deeper into your bliss!


Learn how to bring your bliss on with a personally channeled meditation just for you. For individuals and groups up to 10 people, you may book me any time I am available. 

I look forward to meeting you! Please contact me through the button below to coordinate & book.

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