Groups & Workshops

Mid-Week Meditation - Folkestone, Kent

Channeled Meditation for Your Personal Chill-Out on Wednesdays

Flow, Don't Blow Through the Week... Bend Like the (Sun)Flower at Sunflower House, Folkestone!

Enjoy a channeled mediation for your personal chill-out experience by an Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer.

Book online £7.50 or drop in for £9.00. First time attendees £6.00 (cash only). Everybody is welcome (age 16+). Chairs are available; bring your own mat, cushion, etc, if needed. 

I look forward to meeting you! Please contact me with questions at 07818-206027.

Cosmic Energy Workshop - Kent, UK

Learn to sense, read, and interpret the colors of chakras & aura

People hear about chakras and know about the aura of things - but what do they really mean? In this workshop, you will learn about:

* the background of the world's energy system

* its manifestation as chakras in the human body

* its colors and their interpretation


Meditations will enable you to:

* feel into your energy wheels

* heal and strengthen them


Practical exercises let you:

* experience and cleanse the aura - your own, other people's, and other beings'.

Experience the MAGIC of the STARS - as you are ONE of THEM!

upcoming dates to be announced

MerKaBa Meditation


Despite its intricate techniques of mudras, breathing, and visualization,  the MerKaBa Meditation is easily learned in a day and is an excellent tool for:


  • finding equilibrium

  • quieting the mind

  • creating peace with one’s world

  • improving relationships with one’s family, co-workers, friends

  • healing psychological traumas

  • healing / preventing physical ills

  • establishing a rapport with one’s inner / true self

  • initiating or facilitating spiritual evolution


A small group of 4 to 6 people will learn to feel the energy within a MerKaBa structure, center in the heart-chakra, do the correct mudras along with the breathing and visualization, and dowse the expansion of the aura before and after the MerKaBa's activation.

Part of the workshop are healthy snacks, blessed water à la Emoto, and trips outside to connect with nature during the process. 

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