Free Bliss Materials

Please take advantage of the free tools you find here. They are free to download, listen to, or book.
Let them help you move you toward your own, personal bliss and discover that the world really is your oyster!
...and if you wish, I will help you come out of your shell!

E-Book 3-Step Forgiveness Plan

Gracefully Move from Past Hurt to Future Bliss

Forgiveness is more than getting over the trespasses of another. It includes forgiving ourselves, as well. Furthermore, forgiveness means healing, and healing has to address all three areas of our being:

- the mental

- the physical

- the emotional

This 3-Step Forgiveness Plan teaches you how to reduce the symptoms of stress that resentment causes, how to process forgiveness, and how to let go of the emotions that prevent us from forgiving others and ourselves.

Clarity Call

A Personal Consultation

What is better than a blissful energy treatment? That's right, figuring out what energy treatment actually is.

Whether you have a question about my modalities, the nature of energy coaching, or which treatment is best for you, a personal conversation with me will give you clarity!

I look forward to speaking with you!


A blissful, guided Kundalini meditation to enjoy and explore

Do you struggle to meditate? Why not try a guided meditation?

Enjoy my clear and soothing voice for a 20 minute meditation that guides your awareness and your Kundalini energy through all of your seven main chakras.

Join, enjoy & relax!

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