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EnglobeMeditation© is a Guided Healing Meditation channeled just for you.

From Transcendental to Walking Meditation, there are many ways to calm the mind. However, most people have a hard time letting go of their habit of engaging their mind and cannot reach that place of stillness. In this case, that is a good thing, because you will use your mind to follow my words onto your personal journey to freedom.

From traumas of the past or emotional entanglements, my soothing voice will guide you on a picturesque path that leads you to healing and sets you free. Your mind and imagination will be engaged, while your heart can trust the journey.


I know what you need  based on our interview before we begin and the divine guidance I receive from your personal spirit guides. We are placed comfortably while I metaphorically hold your hand on this adventurous expedition to find your treasure of inner peace.


Uniquely channeled, englobe.meditation© aims at connecting you with what you need to help you experience a unique scenario to overcome what keeps you stuck in life. This personalized kind of guided meditation has proven especially powerful:

Austin, from Colorado Springs, says that it helped him connect with the pain he still felt over a lost partner and was thus finally able to reconcile that aspect of himself so that it could fully heal.

Daniel, from Folkestone, says that he always feels reconnected to Spirit, has epiphanies, and remembers his path and direction in life; all doubts are removed.

If You Want To:
  • MEET

your fears, traumas, or unresolved issues safely, the space that I hold for you as a trained energy healer allows you to completely trust the process. 


a lasting resolution, you will find that the journey takes you to another level of wholeness. 

  • FEEL 

comfortable being guided at your own pace, know that it is your personal guides & angels speaking through me, who know your needs.


a personalized tool to continue the emotional and physical healing, trust that the treasure you find at the end of this journey is exactly what you need in that moment. 


being one with the universe at large, allow yourself to fall into the bliss of your Divine Self by entrusting yourself to this wholesome journey.

Enjoy one hour of

space held

just for you.