Cosmic Energy - Healing Hands Workshop


12 Jun 2020

Learn About the Meaning & Colors of the Chakras & Your Aura!

Discover & Explore Your Clairsentience!

People hear about chakras and know about the aura of things - but what do they really mean? In this 4.5-hour workshop & healing sessions, you will learn about:

* the background of the world's energy system

* its manifestation as chakras in the human body

* its colors and their interpretation

* the clairs = your extra-sensory perceptive abilities


Meditations will enable you to:

* feel into your energy wheels / chakras

* heal and strengthen them

* become attuned to your unique clairsentience


Practical exercises let you:

* experience and cleanse the aura - your own, other people's, and other beings'

* find out which clairs come more easily to you & feel natural

Materials provided are:

* chakra cards

* notebook

* water, tea & snacks

Experience the MAGIC of the STARS - as you are ONE of THEM!

~ SPACE IS LIMITED to 10 participants 


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