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Dr. Ronja Vieth is a life-coach, author, and motivational speaker giving workshops all over the globe. 

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 englobeme  [eŋ'ləʊbmiː]


How do you feel about being part of this world?

englobeme means to become one with the world without being swallowed up by it. It means to live on this globe like you belong and with your Divine right to joy, love, and happiness.

"Perfect health, perfect wealth, perfect love, and perfect self-expression"

(Florence Scovel Shinn)
are our birthright. The only reason we no longer live in this Edenic state of existence is our disconnection from who we really are, an extension of the Divine.
Accumulated trauma, inherited from our ancestors or experienced throughout our own life, keeps us attracting more of the same undesirable reality. It is time we realize that
"We create our own reality,"
and the science of epigenetics proves it.
As a trained energy healer & life coach with an academic background, I provide guidance and tools for your 


for yourself and your life by helping you re-discover your power within.

Learn to create the bliss-life you want today!


Empower to Shine





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