What's a Blissful Belle?

My name is Ronja Vieth, and I'm an Intuitive Life Coach, MerKaBa Meditation instructor, writer, energy healer, dancer, published poet, tour-guide, AFT practitioner, and American Gothic Literature Ph.D. 


This quite eclectic description is all me, albeit with various rates of activity at different times in my life. But this is true for a lot of us, and I actually do have several degrees in American Literature and work as an instructor and editor. However, it was poetry that struck the bridge between my academic life and my spiritual healing practice several years ago. 


Now, after having worked on myself for quite some time, I have started helping others on their journey:

The true meaning of life is to realize our Oneness with the Divine - as individuals and the collective alike. Let's start with ourselves and embark on a journey of healing!


Back in 1996 already, I learned Reiki in Germany, but since I lost my certificate in my many moves, I was re-certified in 2015. While in the US, I trained in various energy healing techniques and expanded my knowledge of spiritual healing modalities over the past years. In Enwaken I learned the Peak Performance Program from David Morelli in Boulder, CO. From there, I was instructed in Intuitive Life Coaching that allows for an even deeper insight into one's subconscious patterns.


Being able to perceive energy patterns in various ways, my englobe.meditations are Guided Meditations that have helped many people journey towards healing in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Due to the growing interest of allopathically trained persons in so-called "alternative" means of healing, however, I have also been asked repeatedly to lecture about and demonstrate meditations at the Texas Tech School of Medicine in Lubbock, TX; accordingly, I gave lectures and meditation demonstrations there in the spring and fall of 2014.


After my move to Germany in 2014 I added the insights of Quantum Touch® to my skill set; in Los Angeles, California, I learned to access our Books of Life with C.J. Martes' Akashic Field Therapy™ (AFT) in September 2015. Furthermore, since the MerKaBa Meditation is no longer taught by officially certified FOL instructors, I have asked and been guided to conduct my own workshops after having practiced this meditation diligently twice a day since the spring of 2011. You may find pictures of previous workshops on my blog.

In addition to teaching both in Germany and the United States of America, I am also planning retreats at locations all over the world. More about that soon! In the meantime, I present and teach Soul Cleanse Forgiveness & Write Your Heart Writing Workshops at spiritual conferences and work as a healer at festivals, such as the 2016 Symbiosis Gathering. My latest reviews are from clients I had the honor to meet there this year.



Always open to new modalities that may ease our collective and individual journey to wholeness I came across  TRE-UK ™ this year. The Total Release Experience is a no-talking, natural way to release stress as well as past trauma that is easily learned and practiced and oh, so powerful! Practicing diligently myself, I have now joined their official Practitioner Training with its  founder Caroline Purvey in order to help create even more opportunities to release stress and create well-being naturally.


Even though I was mostly trained in English, I offer all of my healing modalities in German, and most of them can be done in person as well as remotely / long-distance over the phone or Skype. Just book online or email me straight away!


Finally, I am proud to announce my latest service for authors of spiritual texts and blogs including Facebook and Twitter posts. In order for you to focus on your message, I offer help in ghost-writing and editing of your posts, texts, channeled messages, course curricula, etc. You name it, I write and/or edit it. Check out my credentials on LinkedIn!


It was a pleasure to meet you! I look forward to working with you and helping you turn your shimmer into a bright shine!




    Ronja Vieth, Ph.D.

© 2014-2021 by Dr. Ronja Vieth


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