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Mid-Week Meditations in Folkestone, UK

 Your Personal Chill-Out Session Channeled by me!

Your Summer 6 - PACK:
Six sessions of Akashic Field Therapy™
As of now, AFT sessions come in packages only - for two reasons:
  1. you need more than a couple to notice real progress
  2. buying in bulk is cheaper ; )
So, instead of paying $95.- / session,
you now get 6 sessions for $500.00.

If you choose to buy three of these packages, the RESIST - DEAL still applies! See below for details.

Light Workers & Earth Warriors Unite -
protecting the world for our little ones:

My offer still stands - as a Healer I am standing with Earth Warriors, who protect Mother Gaia for us and for the little ones.

Book any 3 session with me and YOU decide to which of the groups I donate 50% of the revenue!

Peak Performance Program for a little family at Lucidity - Eudaimonia 2017.  


Standing with #NODAPL, Texas: #NOTPPL and all the other pipeline resisters

Choose from:

Laser Reiki / PeakPerformanceProgram

 Aura Cleanse & Chakra Charge

 englobe.meditation (channeled)

 Intuitive Life Coaching



So you know that I am legit, I will email you the donation receipt. If you want, you may donate half of my fees yourself and email me the receipt to receive your three sessions for half price.

If you need a reminder of what my sessions can do for you,

hear what Madison B., a client at Lucidity Eudaimonia,

has to say about me:


"At first, it was hard to settle into my body, and my thoughts were erratic. After the chakra clearing, I was able to notice my own senses and think of myself instead of others.

Once I was touched at my elbows and hands, I heard a voice say 'It is safe to come back inside.' and I did feel more safe to allow myself to become more embodied. I feel lighter overall.

Thank you!"

I would like to thank all my  LUCIDITY EUDAIMONIA Festival clients for their trust and appreciation. It was a blessing to serve you there!