Blissful Blueprint Program


ananda = bliss

This program is uniquely designed and completely new in its application of cosmic life energy. Channeled in an extremely focused way, similar to a beam of Laser-Reiki ©, it works - first separately, then in combination - on three levels:


  • the chakra system

(your swirling wheels of energy that connect your psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects)

  • your physical system

(your material body consisting of blood, flesh, and bones)

  • and your spiritual system in the form of your personal, divine blueprint

(your original, divine self unencumbered by life's experiences)

The Bliss

This form of Laser-Reiki ©  busts your blocks - gently but efficiently. The combination of working on the chakra system, the physical system, and your spiritual system, i.e. your blueprint, helps with all kinds of challenges in life.


Take, for instance, these combinations:


Some people cannot say "no" and have others continually overstep their boundaries. Here, we would work on the chakra for self-esteem and the outer layer of our bodies, the skin.


Or, some of us know exactly what we need to do, but keep getting side-tracked all the time and do not know what the next step should be. In this case, we would be working on lack of focus, decision making, or overwhelm.


See these examples:

The Blueprint

But what happens after the chakras and body systems have been cleared and charged?

As soon as we return to our natural habitat, go back to work, our families, our circumstances, it is hard to stay at the vibration of perfect health & wealth, unconditional love & perfect self-expression.

This is where I insert your perfect self blueprint, your highest self that always remains unharmed by life's experiences, no matter what.

By clearing blocks, you remove life's "negative" patterns.

By repairing the energy structure, you rebuild yourself, your strength, and health.

By anchoring your divine blueprint, you continue to resonate with your perfect health, wealth, love, and self-expression in all of your life's areas.


The healing continues long after the session due to a more integrated experience!

The Program

This program consists of 6 sessions that will allow you to work thoroughly on any one particular pattern or a small group of issues to move you closer towards the perfect version of yourself by implementing your divine blueprint.


While some of life's challenges are due to a combination of things, some are clearly one or the other. You decide which challenges you would like to work on!

Although regular sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes, even mini- sessions, such as the ones I do at festivals, for instance, create major shifts already - see the comments below. Real progress towards your goal will not occur in just one sitting, though, just like anemia cannot be remedied with one pill of an iron supplement. 

The package of six sessions will allow you to really tackle the blocks holding you back, start resonating with your Divine Blueprint, and shift into the vibration necessary to truly live The Secret  that results in a successful life!

The Blissful Blueprint Program Is for You, Because:

whatever is holding you back.


about creating a lasting change in your life.


your goal is to find YOUR SECRET to the secret of living a life of perfect health, perfect wealth, perfect love, and perfect self-expression.


to rate and monitor your progress to see that all these little steps move you forward.​


to doing everything you can to finally claim your divinely granted Blissful Self! 


from 10 to 5 in 30 minutes

"perspective & lightness to the profound trauma"

Keeon T. |  San Francisco, CA